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Tips for driving

Renters Guide
Tips for driving

Have a look over the map at home to decide how far you want to go and in how much time. Leave the detailed planning for later but make sure that you have your first day's route planed in mind.

If you are sharing the driving, make sure that all drivers are authorized and that they all have a valid driving license.

The most important is to set a time limit and to stop for a meal or a stroll.
Break up the journey into maximum 2-hour segments especially if you are travelling with children. The main idea is to enjoy your holiday, not to be exhausted of it!

Occupied part of Cyprus: You may take the car to the occupied part of Cyprus, but please be aware that it is 100 % your responsibility to bring back the car to the Greek part of the island as your not cover in the insurance police for the north site of the island.