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Terms and ConditionsOur Terms

Insurance Coverage. Full insurance, collision damage waiver, third party insurance, rented car fire insurance, rented car theft insurance, rented car windscreen insurance, rented car tires insurance, zero excess, road taxes & V.A.T, Cyprus airports service charge, collection of the rented car from Paphos airport, delivery of the rented car to Paphos airport, delivery of the rented car with in Paphos town limits, collection of the rented car with in Paphos town limits, first baby seat, unlimited mileage.

Driver/Renters Responsibility: The driver/renter is responsible

 To inspect the vehicle before the rental period begins for any existing damage

 To take in mind all traffic regulations and comply with the country law

 For any traffic fines that may be issued when the rented vehicle is in his/her possession

 For taking appropriate measures to secure and safeguard the rented vehicle until it is returned

 To keep the rented vehicle interior as clean as possible

 To contact the police, the insurance company and our company immediately in the event of any accident

Driving conditions: All drivers, main or additional, regardless of age, are obliged to hold a full valid driving license for at least 3 years. Maximum driver’s age is 75 years old, although drivers over this age may still be eligible to hire a car depending on their state of health.

Drivers between 20-24 years are required to pay an extra insurance premium of €8 per day.

Drivers between 75-80 years are required to pay an extra insurance premium of €3 per day.

Drivers between 81-99 years are required to pay an extra insurance premium of €5 per day. 

Extra drivers may obtain the right to drive the vehicle at an extra charge of €2 per day.

In case of an accident damage or theft of the rented car. In case of any accident you must immediately contact the police. Vehicles involved must never be removed from place of accident until police report has been completed and our insurance company is notified. If you do not report this to the police and comply with the requirements under the country's law, the insurance will become invalid. In case of other damages to the rented car, the above procedure should also be followed. If the vehicle is damaged while parked you have to report the damage to our company before the car is moved. It is mandatory for the client to fill in a police report in case of theft and to provide a copy of this document to our car rental company.

Excess liability: This is applied only if the driver/renter does not comply with the rental agreement terms and conditions. 

• Without a written police or insurance accident report which is proof of the damage occurred to the rented vehicle no insurance cover is provided and the driver/renter becomes responsible with an excess liability up to €500.

• If the rented vehicle is damaged in a non-public road or damaged by driver’s negligence the driver/renter becomes responsible with an excess liability up to €200.

• For damages occurred to the rented vehicle while driven on unpaved road/no tarmac/trail/off road the  driver/renter is responsible with an excess liability up to €500.

• Any damage or theft to rented vehicle must be reported immediately to our company and our staff will need to inspect the vehicle before is moved. Fail to do this the insurance will become invalid and the driver/renter will be held responsible with an excess liability up to €200

In the event of damage to the rented vehicle our company will select the repairer. The repairer must be a licensed repairer who will carry out quality repairs using only genuine replacement parts and authorized by our insurance company. Repairs to the vehicle will be carried out in a way to minimize your costs taking into account availability of parts and repairer workload.

Be aware that many of our valued customers take their own excess insurance. Where the rental company will charge costs as appropriate the renter may reclaim via their own excess insurance. A detailed receipt will be given if asked, with theses costs for the reclaim.

Cars selected for hire. Cars are booked by group not specific model and are subject to availability. We reserve the right to upgrade your car without prior notice, if the model/group requested becomes unavailable for reasons unforeseen. The rate will remain the same as quoted. Consider renting a bigger car as it is more comfortable and safer for passengers, and best to carry your personal belongings (luggage). However, we do consider your personal preferences so early bookings are recommended.

Vehicle Capacity. The number of people and luggage shown is a guide only. Whilst most of our vehicles can seat 5 people comfortably this may not be same in the case of baby or booster seats are needed. Luggage capacity depends on the size of the cases and the number of people occupying the vehicle. If you are in any doubt, we can advise you which vehicle is the most suitable for you in order to avoid any disappointment.

Fuel Policy. All vehicles are delivered with a half (more or less) tank of fuel. The rented vehicle must be returned without re-fueling at the end of the rental. Please note that the cost for any unused fuel is not refundable. The cost of fuel is charged in the same rate as in petrol stations across the island. Fuel is not included in the car rental cost and must be paid on top of the rental cost.

Deliveries and Collections. If we're delivering to the airport please provide us with your flight number and arrival time. We will greet you at the airport arrival hall holding a sign with your name and escort you to your car. At the end of the rental period, vehicles should be returned where it will be instructed by our staff and it will be noted on the rental agreement. Consider that the car must be returned the same time that is delivered or maximum of 2 hours delay (airport drop off). Any drop off more than 2 hours will be charged as an extra day. Delivery and collection with in Paphos town limits is normally free of charge, unless the delivery location is not within Paphos town limits. In such cases, an out of limits charge of €10 each way will be applied. Delivery and collection to Larnaca Airport is an additional €50 charge each way.

Insurance Limitations. No insurance cover is provided for the following:

*if the rented vehicle is driven in the occupied Northern area of the island

*if a non 4x4 rented vehicle is driven on a non-paved road (off road)

*if the vehicle is driven under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other substances

*failure to take in mind traffic regulations

*failure to report any accident to the police

*if intentionally trying to damage the rented car

*for any damage to the interior of the car

*for unauthorized drivers

Any unnoticed accident or intentionally trying to damage the vehicle may be interpreted as negligence and the renter must accept full responsibility for any costs may occur.

Drivers unauthorized to drive are not covered by any insurance scheme and the main driver will be held liable for any damages caused to the vehicle or third parties.

In any of the above cases the driver becomes responsible for the market value of the rented vehicle as well as recovery costs and any costs relating to third party claims.

Extra Accessories. We are able to supply child seats upon request. There are three types available such as: baby, booster and infant seats. If needed, it must be requested at the time of booking. The first baby seat is free of charge. Each additional seat costs €2 per day to hire, up to a maximum charge of €50. Child safety seats are mandatory in Cyprus and due to insurance rules and regulations you will be required to fit the child seat yourself. Please note that we carry standard type of child safety seats. The extra accessories cost is not included in the car rental cost and must be paid on top of the rental.

We are also able to supply satellite navigation system upon request. Each navigation system costs €2 per day to hire. The extra accessories cost is not included in the car rental cost and must be paid on top of the rental.

Payment. All rental charges are payable on delivery on cash or card. We accept all major credit and debit cards. Any extras to the normal rental price, as shown above, are payable on delivery of vehicle. All customers will receive a rental contract showing a detailed breakdown of all charges. The following credit or debit cards are accepted: master/ euro card, visa. Please note that all payments will be made locally in Euros. No deposit is necessary to confirm your reservation.